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The Nerdy Professor Project


Karrie-Ann Kubatko (aka Nerdy Professor) served academic positions at the University of Notre Dame, the University of Miami, and The Ohio State University before retiring from academia and opening a nerdy consulting company. She is published in numerous academic journals, specializing in uranium crystal chemistry and chemical thermodynamics. She loves reading current research, and will share humorous publications with us here. No science background required. Simply watch, read and enjoy. 

The Nerdy Professor Squad formed as a fundraiser for Professor's daughter, while the duo travelled across the country seeking the best care, treatment, and surgeons. Over those tough years, living hospital-to-hospital, this project kept them focused on the future. It also allowed Professor a means of earning income as she transitioned into a full-time caregiver. This page is the culmination of passion for science, artistic creativity, and unconditional love. 

Professor is part founder/owner of a distillery and spends her time between New Orleans and Dallas. When not reading nerdy literature, you will find her experimenting in glasswork, dancing aimlessly, and spending time with friends and family.

Follow our adventure page where Professor & friends cover various hilarious real-life stories​.

Read. Laugh. Enjoy. 

Let's make science fun again.


This entire project was created to assist in the travel and medical expenses associated with the Nerdy Professor's daughter. All proceeds go towards her daughter’s medical treatment and the Ronald McDonald House Charity. We are eternally grateful for every member, every view, and every comment. Thank you. 

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